iRecycle Houston

We provide several services that will help you with your recycling Process

Who we are

iRecycle Houston (formerly known as iRecycle Glass), started as a residential glass pickup service in 2016. We strive on exemplary customer service, dependability and our capacity to give back to the community. I am most proud of our neighbors and their interest in recycling.

With their help we have saved over 725,000 pounds of recyclable glass from Houston area landfills since our startup in 2016. Over a ton of natural resources are saved for every ton of glass recycled. What we do at iRecycle Houston is truly for the next generation. What started as a neighborhood interest in recycling has grown to providing services citywide to residents and an ever-growing list of businesses.

It’s been a wonderful feeling to be able to do something good for the environment, future generations and the community. But honestly, this would not be possible without our customer’s choosing to recycle with us.

Residential curbside pickup of glass
We provide cardboard pickup as an add-on service
New pickup subscription service.
We provide battery pickup as an add-on service

Commercial & Residential Recycling

Not every company is the same, therefore, we customize our service to fit our customer's needs. To request a quote, please contact us


We always thrive to produce new ideas that help us in our recycling process

Why Recycling Compost?

Compost is made up of decomposing biodegradable materials that come from plants and animals. When food scraps, grass clippings, and manure are composted and applied to grasslands–as opposed to dumped in a landfill–they become tools to lower carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions while helping farmers improve their soil quality to grow more food or grass to sustain livestock.

While many farming practices like tilling, driving tractors and manure management emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, there is a process that naturally stores carbon in the soil. Soil carbon sequestration is the process of capturing carbon from the air mostly through plant photosynthesis. This process provides nutrients for the soil while reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

When compost is added to soil, it contributes to this process. However, when organic material is instead placed in a landfill, it will emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane as a result of decomposing anaerobically (without oxygen).

Composting gives back to the earth from which its basic materials came; compost is useful for soil enrichment and remediation, not to mention erosion control. Composting also has a pollution preventative element in that organic materials are not producing methane in landfills. Recycling relieves pressure on a number of environmental fronts. Less landfill space is consumed when materials are recycled, and fewer landfills must be built in the long run. Also, since recycling means that less raw material is used in manufacturing, less energy is expended in extracting raw materials from the earth -- trees, metal ores and minerals, for example..

How it works?

Sign up

Choose one of our plans and sign up to start receiving our service.

Receive a Bin

Use your Bin or receive one before the first pickup

Fill your bins

Fill your bins with the material acording to your plan.

Place outside

Place you bin outside and we will pick it up.

Select a Plan

$10 per month

Glass / Once a month

  • Once a month Pickups
  • Setup Fee $15 / Charged once
  • Convenient curbside pickup
  • Recurring billing
  • Pickup reminders via email
$14 per month

Glass / Biweekly

  • Biweekly Pickups
  • Setup Fee $15 / Charged once
  • Convenient curbside pickup
  • Recurring billing
  • Pickup reminders via email
$20 per month

Glass / Weekly

  • Weekly Pickups
  • Setup Fee $15 / Charged once
  • Convenient curbside pickup
  • Recurring billing
  • Pickup reminders via email
$30 per month

Compost / Weekly

  • Weekly Pickups
  • Setup Fee $15 / Charged once
  • Convenient curbside pickup
  • Recurring billing
  • Pickup reminders via email
$40 per month

Glass + Compost

  • Weekly Pickups
  • Setup Fee $15 / Charged once
  • Convenient curbside pickup
  • Recurring billing
  • Pickup reminders via email


Most common questions about recycling

When will my pickup occur?

We will coordinate the date of your first pickup with you after receiving your sign up.

What areas of Houston do you cover?

We serve residents all over Houston. You can check here first if we give service in your zip code area  

Where do I get a recycling bin for my glass?

We can provide you with a bin for $10.00 or you may choose to use your own bin (16 gallon or less).

Do I have to separate the glass by color?


Can I skip a pickup?

Where do I place the bin for pickup?

Near your home (e.g. by your front door). 

How much glass can be picked up per visit?

Our bins hold 12 gallons of glass. If you have much more than that after your first pickup, we will contact you to discuss options (e.g., increase frequency of your pickups or add additional bins at $5.00 per pickup)..

What constitutes an overflowing bin?

Our bins have lids, if lids cannot be closed it is overflowing. If glass is over the top of a customer provided bin (16 gallon or less), it is overflowing.

What if I have more glass waste than my bin will hold?

We can provide additional bins for $10.00 at your request. You may also choose to provide your own bin (16 gallon or less). You will be charged an additional $5.00 for each additional bin per pickup.

Why do you charge extra for overflowing bins?

Overflowing bins create safety hazards (spilling/breaking glass) and extra time per service. 

Where do you take the glass?

Strategic Materials, a local glass processor that we are fortunate to have in Houston. 

Can I use my bin?

Yes, if it is 16 gallons or less. But if you need one, just let us know and we will bring one on your first pickup.  

Where do I get a bin for my compost materials?

We will bring you one the week before your first pickup. 

What can go in my compost bin?

Coffee grounds, egg shells, vegetable scraps, and fruit scraps only. No citrus, meats, fats or oils, compostable bags/containers, or anything else. 

What if I have more compost materials than my bin will hold between weekly pickups?

Let us know and we can provide you a second bin or discuss our commercial pickup plans with you. 

Where do you take the compost materials you collect?

We deliver the compost materials to urban farmers that use it to enrich the soil they use to grow food. 

Why compost?

It benefits the environment by recycling organic resources while conserving landfill space. 

Does compost stink?

Our bins have tightly sealing lids and will contain most odors. Some of our customers store the compost materials in the freezer until their weekly pickup which also eliminates any odors 

Do you recycle cardboard?

Yes, we provide cardboard pickup as an add-on service at $5 per bundle of flattened cardboard, just let us know before your schedule pickup 

What is a bundle of cardboard?

A bundle consists of flattened cardboard no higher than 1’ tall securely tied with string or twine.

Do you recycle batteries?

Yes, we provide battery pickup as an add-on service at $5 per pound. Please isolate positive terminals of batteries by simply taping them off with masking or electrical tape to prevent accidental discharge in transit. Just let us know before your schedule pickup. 

What type of batteries do you recycle?

All single use and rechargeable batteries. We can also recycle automotive type batteries just let us know before your schedule pickup.